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Many Caribbean customs were birthed from the teachings and inspiration of our Ancestors. This is true for Anastasha Elliott, co-founder of Sugar Town Organics, where she has crafted proprietary botanical formulas using family legacy recipes.

Sugar Town Organics was created out of our own experiences as a family spanning 4 generations. The products that make up our various brands were initially created to sustain and to provide healthy alternatives due to low income and social constraints that impacted livelihood. Spurred on by a run in with cancer in the early 90's, my mother chose to fight the natural way turning to her family teachings and crafting small batch products for aid.

Anastasha tells this story of what got her interested in formulating, "At the age of 12 I experienced my mom battling cervical cancer using nature and all it offered. She won that battle in a short space of time and that experience got me thinking about the power of food. My research led me on a journey of discovery and birthed in me a desire to help others live healthier lives by offering products that were healthy for them to use. As I grew I decided I wanted to create not just healthy products, but products that can transform the skin and hair, help women of color to feel better about their hair and skin thus engendering self confidence and helping people live happier, healthier lives."

In 2015, Sugar Town Organics launched Yaphene, it's first line of body care products quickly followed by its food brand Flauriel Foods as a way to create a circle of sustainability in production and reduce food wastage.

Five years later Sugar Town Organics boasts world class luxury lifestyle brands of handcrafted farm to table and farm to body products designed for the modern family in a changing environment. Created by a mother daughter duo, our products utilizes recipes handed down through out our generations. We had a vision to create sustainable value through eco-conscious practices while utilizing indigenous ingredients to craft products that infuse Caribbean traditions as it relates to diet and beauty. Brimming with raw, active ingredients for maximum potency we utilize beloved ingredients and some nearly forgotten for a brand that is about our people, food and culture promoting good health and well being.

Our products lines today are:

● Yaphene an affordable pH balanced hair care product line that softens, strengthens and promote hair health, manageability and growth. Yaphene body care products offers healing lotions for sensitive skin conditions, natural deodorants and body aromatics.

● Marapa it's luxury skincare line includes essential daily products to help promote skin healing and renewal, help radiate, calm and soothe while increasing skins healthy balance and biome. The line now includes cbd products.

● Baba a nutrient rich baby care product line for babies with sensitive skin issues

● Flauriel it's vegan foods, wine and beverage line.

We can be found on social media both Facebook and instagram at @yaphene and @flauriel - instagram - @flauriel_foods. You can shop online with us at We will begin shipping within the US in November 2020.

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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

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