Post-COVID-19 looking for alternatives to sustain business

PRESS RELEASE-What are some of the strategies you are considering to engage and retain your customers? I had the pleasure of connecting with an AI concierge that has considered how to create a special platform for support.

I was so impressed with the affordability of Querlo. The company is an artificial intelligence company that focus is on the development of chatbots and digital assistants for enterprise solutions. Querlo currently has over 6000 AI solutions in 35 worldwide. Francesco Rulli, Founder & CEO states that "There is nothing greater in life than empowering others to succeed. Artificial Intelligence is my tool of choice to help people achieve their personal aspirations."

Francesco Rulli has leveraged a life-long interest in entrepreneurship, media and technology with enterprises that included the Film Annex, an online distribution company launched in 2004.

Rulli also indicated that his prize AI, the personal Chatbot Assistant is about to take off.

This platform is for individuals or companies to create an informative personal Chatbot that virtually interacts with your clients within an interpersonal format. Francesco has indicated that "Querlo’s platform is the ideal solution to build your audience. As influencers, entrepreneurs, or creatives, you can share your personal stories, build up your collaborative network with colleagues, or simply keep in touch with your friends".

For more information on Querlo's Customized Artificial Intelligence Solutions,

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