Pencil Artist Clarence "Pencilman" Pointer Honors Historical Women

Encouraged by his mother, Clarence Pointer took up the art of drawing at the age of six. He stated that he chose the pencil as his artistic tool because it was the most affordable. "I never drew stick figures like other kids. I just started drawing." His first portrait was of his librarian, Ms. Davis, whom he spoke fondly.

Originally from Alabama, Pointer indicated that one of his greatest achievements in honoring women was 1993, when he was commissioned by NASA to create a portrait of Ms. Rosa Parks. Pointer expressed the joy and satisfaction to present the portrait to the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement because how she helped to change America.

Barry Gordy, founder of Motown named Claudette Robinson, the First Lady of Motown. Pointer had the pleasure to present Ms. Robinson with her portrait when the city of Los Angeles presented her with a proclamation. Ms. Robinson was one of the original Miracles, which was the first group signed by Gordy to Motown, and former wife of the legendary Smokey Robinson. He indicated what a wondrous day it was for him as he helped to induct Ms. Robinson into the history of Los Angeles.

With a bright artist future, Clarence "Pencilman" Pointer is preparing a 2021 national exhibit and tour. He is also completing a book based on the encouragements he has obtained throughout the years. Pointer sports figure portraits has a global presence that can be purchased. For more information,

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