Animation in Nollywood: “Malika – Warrior Queen”

The absence of animation in Nollywood is part of what makes it incomplete as a movie industry. It can be especially challenging for parents to find suitable Nollywood movies for their kids to watch. Filmmakers in the industry, including Genevieve Nnaji, aspire to tell stories that are inspired by the African history, alongside growing the industry. Roye Okupe has made this part of his life’s goal. He is bringing Nollywood into the realm of animation with the “Malika”animated series he wrote. You too can contribute to this goal. We will look into the creation of the “Malika” animated series, and hopefully you will also be inspired to contribute to make this dream a reality.

“Malika – Warrior Queen” is an epic and historical animated series based on the award-winning graphic novel series of the same name. “Malika” featured at the Diamond Comics Free Comic Book Day (2017/18) as well as in Halloween Comic Fest 2017. This made it the first African comic to ever be featured in these events. Comic book stores ordered over 100,000 copies following these events. “Malika” tells tales of magical swords, betrayal, love, dragons and politics around this time. “Malika – Warrior Queen” draws its story from the 15th-century Africa and showcases the African practices, history, diversity, culture and tradition of that era.


While fighting to keep the peace in her kingdom, Malika, the Queen and military commander of Azzaz, is faced with various challenges. Malika fights toward uniting Azzaz which has divided after she inherited the crown from her father in what seemed to be an unusual circumstance. She succeeds in this quest after several battles and bloodshed, and expands Azzaz into a larger empire. However, this expansion stirs up enemies, both from within and outside the walls of the empire. She must fight to save herself and her people from being vanquished by this illicit war.

Help to Get Animation in Nollywood

The creator of Malika, Roye Okupe, is reaching out to everyone to help fund this project. To do so, go to Malika Animated Series kickstarter page and give your best. Getting animation in Nollywood is something that would really benefit the entire industry, as well as providing good alternatives to watch for the whole family.

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