Sustaining The Prosperity Of Island Communities: Cultural Traditions And The Environmental Legacy

The importance and impact of our environment is critical for all breathing creatures. One must understand that land and culture are critical for life sustainability. However, it seems that we constantly hear or witness how Mother Nature is fighting against the way we treat our environment. So, how do we create solutions that will help us maintain a healthier environment? Communities are trying to sooth issues regarding cultural understanding of land and culture.

Sian Cuffe Young, a mother from Trinidad-Tobago wanted to assure that her children understood the important of environmental consciousness and wrote a children's book about the subject. Once she wrote the first book, she realized that there was much more to teach children and is now writing a series of book on environmental consciousness. She says that her environmental consciousness began with her father.

It all started when my dad took my brother and I swimming in Chaguaramas when I was 10 years old. While swimming something struck me on my face so I jumped out of the water. When I opened my eyes, it was a loaded pamper! I swore never to go to that beach ever again and to do something about why the place was so nasty. So, I have an intimate relationship with waste.

My dad who has also been in scouting for over 45 years taught me the conservation in scouting which is “You always leave a place cleaner than you’ve met it” which is a motto I continue to live by.

Creating WasteHeroes Literacy series

Young's book entitled, Creating WasteHeros Literacy first installment is KY;s Magical Adventure, which helps young people to understand they too have a role to play in the protection of our environment.

Sian recalled the first time her daughter saw the cover of the book. Sian explained "My daughter was so proud to see someone looked like her." What was important about Sian young daughter's statement was that she was able to believe that she could be a part of the solution and was empowered to change things.

Young has a gofundme to help her spread her message throughout the Caribbean. Be sure to support her efforts and click her photo to go directly to her gofundme page.

VIRTUAL island summit: sharing knowledge for resilent, sustainable an prosperous islands worldwide

he first ever Virtual Island Summit is a free and entirely online event designed to connect global islands to share their common experiences through a digital platform. Join islanders from around the world to share ideas, good practices and solutions will take place October 6-11, 2020. For additional information for this free virtual summit, click the logo.

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