Oxygen With Nicole (02N) Advancing Caribbean Creative Entrepreneurship

On Sunday, April 14, 2019, the advancement of Caribbean fashion and entrepreneurial creativity took place at the O2N New York event that was moderated by Richard Young, and chaired by O2N Foundation's creator, Nicole Dyer-Griffith.

The event was a celebration of Caribbean diaspora talent that 100 invited guests were inspirited by the paths of the panelists. Some of the panelists spoke of humble beginnings to childhood traumas that propelled them towards their destiny. The Guest Panelists were: Her Excellency Penelope Beckles-Robinson, Raine Magazine's Nova Lorraine, Tech Entrepreneur Gillian Harding, Designer Felisha Noel, Celebrity Hairstylist Tish Celestine, and International Makeup Artist Kirk Cambridge-Delphshe.

The event concluded with an international fashion show by The Cloth, moderator and international designer, Robert Young and followed with a reception.

CME's Cultural Fashion Director/Stylist, Mychael St. Rose and Celebrity Hairstylist Tish Celestine

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