5 Pillars To Keep You Focused On Your Goals and Live A Healthy Lifestyle This Year

A Warrior

Certified personal trainer, Joycelyn Francis, knows the struggle of the average person when trying to get or stay fit. She knows that the key is to stay focused on goals that become an easy part of your everyday life, and not just goals as another thing to do. She shares her 5 pillars to maintaining a healthy lifestyle this year.


  1. Know Your Why

    Ask yourself…Do I want to lose the weight or get fit? This is the basis of whether most fitness goals succeed or fail. Every quarter, I set a goal to do an event whether it’s a 5K or charity run, etc. This way there’s always something to work towards and I won’t get bored with training. My WHY for doing these runs is to bring awareness to mental health and sexual abuse. That’s my main WHY for running 1/2 marathons.

  2. Fuel Your Body

    Before taking a bite into anything, ask yourself this question. “Is this going to fuel my body?” Don’t get me wrong, I do indulge in the occasional snack and fast food, but very rarely. Remember, food can either be medicine or poison and we must learn which ones agree with our bodies and choose wisely what to partake in.

  3. Prioritize Your Life

    The number one reason people don’t workout or eat right for that matter is TIME. No time to meal prep, no time to get a workout in, no time for sleep, no time for rest and recovery. If you prioritize your life you will find the time for all of those things. Yes, I know it sounds like work but as a wife and mom of 2 active boys, and running a fitness business it’s tough for me, but I get it done. Chose one day to plan out your week, month, starting with the things hat are most important, and watch how much easier life becomes. 

  4. Rest / Adult Timeout

    I have a rest day I call my Sabbath. (You can call it whatever you like.) Make sure out of the 7 days that we have in a week, you choose one that’s solely dedicated for you to REST. Do nothing! Chillax! Take a full stop! Timeout! For at least 24 hours. Your body needs time to rest and recover and the best way to honor it is with REST. Not too long ago I was training clients 7 days a week, plus training myself, on top of doing Mom and wife duties. I literally crashed, but I listened to my body and blocked off one day on my calendar. One day when my phone is on silent or off and I don’t cook, or clean. In addition to one day a week, strive for a weekend away, either once every quarter or every six months.

  5. Run Your Own Race (don’t compare yourself with anyone else’s progress)

    This one is huge! In today’s social media culture we are constantly bombarded with carefully curated pictures of others people lives, and we tend to get lost in it all, either wanting to look like someone else, have abs like them, etc. Listen up!!!! You are unique to you, so do what works for you. It’s ok to take your time, go at your own pace, put some blinders on and work on being your best self for yourself. The only way to get the results you crave is down a road called  Hard Work Avenue. Just keep running your race!

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