Hair and Beauty Moments From Curlfest 2018

Saturday July 21st. Where else would we have been but at the largest natural beauty festival in the world? This is my third Curlfest and I have to say it’s the biggest by far. This year’s festival outdid itself from previous years bringing more programming, beauty experts, bloggers, social influencers and live entertainment to the melanated brothers and sisters who gathered in Prospect Park.

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Curlfest was launched in 2014 by the Curly Girl Collective, an experiential marketing group that specializes in multicultural beauty. If you’ve never been in the last three years, you definitely missed put on a treat. If you’re looking for a hotspot to sport your naturally kinky or curly hair, or looking for some natural hair inspiration, this annual one-day festival is where you should be. Add it to your list of places to be in 2019! Come ready to shop beauty products, art, fashion, jewelry, and accessories.

This year included the She Did That Film Empowerment Chat with Renae Bluitt of In Her Shoes Blog - a chat about entrepreneurship and the gems shared by the women featured in the just-released documentary. 

Naturalistas, of course, did not fail to bring their A-game in the hair and style departments. With scores of over 20,000 people showing out this year, we still cannot decide whether hair or style took center stage, but here are some of our picks below.

(All photos by Meschida Philip)

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