Host committee of women entrepreneurs bring African American-owned wineries to Martha’s Vineyard. What was initially slated to be a one-time event held on Martha’s Vineyard to promote Soul of Sonoma’s California wine tours, Soul of Sonoma on the Vineyard (SoSMV) has transformed into a full-fledged annual festival. Now in year two, the nearly sold-out event has become one of the most anticipated annual premium wine and epicurean classics on Martha’s Vineyard. SoSMV almost exclusively features African American-owned or distributed wine brands. Unlike similar wine festivals, SoSMV provides its nearly 300 guests the opportunity to meet and interact with winemakers, many of whom travel from the

July 25th: On the International Afro-Latin American and Afro-Caribbean Women’s Day, tens of thousand

Black Women's March in June of 2017 in Rio de Janeiro Note from BW of Brazil: Spread the word. It’s July 25th, the International Day of Afro-Latino and Caribbean Black Women, and black women in various cities across Brazil will be on the march! In days, months and years that have passed since the 1st national Back Women’s March in the nation’s capital city in November of 2015, Afro-Brazilian women remain organized, in force and galvanized. Of course, some may ask why there is a necessity for black women to have their own specific day considering the global popularity of the March International Women’s Day. A look at just a few of the issues that have been covered on this blog for nearly eigh

Animation in Nollywood: “Malika – Warrior Queen”

The absence of animation in Nollywood is part of what makes it incomplete as a movie industry. It can be especially challenging for parents to find suitable Nollywood movies for their kids to watch. Filmmakers in the industry, including Genevieve Nnaji, aspire to tell stories that are inspired by the African history, alongside growing the industry. Roye Okupe has made this part of his life’s goal. He is bringing Nollywood into the realm of animation with the “Malika”animated series he wrote. You too can contribute to this goal. We will look into the creation of the “Malika” animated series, and hopefully you will also be inspired to contribute to make this dream a reality. “Malika – Warrior

The most important black woman sculptor of the 20th century deserves more recognition Unfortunately,

Augusta Savage started sculpting as a child in the 1900s using what she could get her hands on: the clay that was part of the natural landscape in her hometown of Green Cove Springs, Florida. Eventually her talents took her far from the clay pits of the South. She joined the burgeoning arts scene of the Harlem Renaissance when her talents led her to New York. Her work was lauded, and she was consistently admired by contemporary black artists, but her renown was transient. And much of her work has been lost, since she could mostly afford to cast only in plaster. Like other key figures of the 1920s such as Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston, Savage skillfully challenged negative images and


Grandmaster Flash has become the first DJ to win the Polar Music Prize, often dubbed the "Nobel Prize For Music". The prize was founded by Stig Anderson, better known as ABBA's lyricist and manager, in 1989. Previous winners include Led Zeppelin, BB King, Metallica, and Paul McCartney. Flash, real name Joseph Saddler, accepted the prize from the King of Sweden, saying the award was "in honour of every DJ, every rapper, every graffiti artist, and every breakdancer". He further commented: "This thing that I did had not existed before, and I am one of many where I come from. It ended up being called hip-hop, taking the drum break from pop, rock, jazz, blues, funk, disco, R+B, and using duplicat

Brooklyn-based Family Owned Business ButterMEseentials Nominated for Fall 2019 Caribbean Impact Awar

New York, New York - ButterMEssentials a Brooklyn-based company founded by Mrs. Negesti Pinnock and her husband and partner Vayden Pinock. ButterMEsentials line of products includes hair, bath, body and products for women, men and children. ButtterMEssentials products are loaded with butter, natural oils and lovely fragrances (such as essential oils and other fragrances). The company specializes in hair butter, hair elixirs, non-sulfate shampoo bars, non-sulfate shampoos and conditioners, herbal hair moisturizing, lotion bars, body butter, and luxury handmade soaps. ButterMEssentials does not use parabens and petroleum; as we only use mineral oil nourishing products. We also mix our produc


A lonely girl in Barbados needed to draw. It was an “urgency,” she says. Starting with one simple notebook, Sheena Rose would eventually turn her house into an art-filled exhibition space, attracting hundreds of visitors and international attention. That was only the beginning. In a country without a modern art museum, Rose took her creations to the city streets, saw them featured on book covers and traveled south to create billboards in Suriname. She exploded on social media, and her work eventually reached international collections. CAPITALIZING ON CREATIVITY The Caribbean has already distinguished itself on the international scene for its creative flair, from festivals to food to music. I

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